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helping you go from bloated to bliss through holistic practices so you can feel confident in your own skin.

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Personalized Business Coach, Jass

self-paced business


go from passion to career with this self-paced program taught and created by Jass, a nutritionist whose actually been in your shoes 




ready to become an expert in your health? check out the e-book shop to download your step-by-step protocols to go from bloated to bliss today 

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clear your candida

this self-paced program allows you to take control of your health and save your time guessing the solution

let's work together
Jass, Certified Holistic Nutritionist

meet jass

Hi! I'm Jass and I am a Certified Holistic Nutritionist (CNP) and I help women go from bloated to bliss. I’m a wellness, personal development and cacao obsessed human currently living in Vancouver, BC. I'm grateful for my Polish and Slovakian background which has led me to naturally explore the holistic side of wellness at a fairly young age through the traditional practices my parents were always teaching us. 


My approach to wellness is simple: eat well, understand your labels, focus on the positive and listen to your body.


I practice a lot of candida and parasite cleanses with my clients, but I also pay really close attention to their bodies to see if this is actually what they need in the moment- everything we do is customized so you can assure you are getting the best support possible. 

what nourished clients say

My experience with Jass was nothing short of AMAZING! She was super responsive and answered all of my questions before I even purchased the plan, and her turnaround time was impressive. The questionnaire she sends before creating the meal plan is super detailed, which means that you're truly going to get a plan that is customized to you. The recipes are super detailed and include helpful pictures, and everything she gave me was simple enough to make (I made sure to let her know that I wasn't a pro chef!) and included ingredients that weren't super expensive. Now I have a ton of healthy, easy recipes to use anytime! I still use a ton of them, and it definitely helped jump start my healthy eating habits! Thanks Jass!!

- Emily


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