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Jass, Certified Nutritional Practitioner


Nourish With Jass

I’m Jass, a Certified Nutritional Practitioner who specializes in bloat & anti fungal cleansing- something I never thought I’d get into!

My journey began when I was in high school struggling with the worst of headaches and migraines on the weekly. I would go to the doctors every few weeks and beg for answers because i truly could not handle it anymore, but I was always rejected and told that everything was okay. I was put on antidepressants to medicate the issue, but it only made it worse (go figure). This, along with chronic bloat made me search long and hard for the answers myself. Towards the end of my University career (I went to Brock University in St Catharines, ON!) I began to do a lot of research on my health concerns and started to see huge improvements after adding in tiny practices like lemon water and magnesium. I was obsessed with the changes I was seeing and needed to learn more. I always knew I’d be in a career where I would be helping people succeed, and this was exactly it. But my journey didn't end there. I owe my story to one of the most confusing, difficult and self developmental experiences I have ever gone through, which started when I was just about to finish nutrition school to become a Certified Nutritionist.

I experienced really severe food poisoning three years ago on my birthday (this birthday gift is now my why) and I didn’t think too much of it until I started to develop dermatitis around my mouth and nose. This was a clear indication that something was off in my body. The skin is the largest detox organ in the body, so if we ever experience skin abnormalities, it is our body telling us it needs support. After a long seven months of trying to figure it out, I decided to give the parasite and candida cleanse a try- something I was completely in denial about. After three long months of cleansing, many of the symptoms I didn't even know I had went away, such as joint pain, PMS bloat, fatigue, and tinea versicolour. My skin went back to normal and that chronic bloat was officially gone. I have become over-the-moon passionate about this topic and I can’t wait to continue sharing it with you!


  • Institute of Holistic Nutrition Certification (CNP)

  • Pacific Rim College for Herbalism  

  • Brock University 

go to coffee order

Black americano

favourite show on netflix

Dragons den! I've watched every episode at least twice- still not sick of it.








picnic in the park with my boyfriend, green juice, snacks and no cell service

number one non-negotiable

text or call my parents to say goodnight.




red curry is definitely number one on the list. I love how nourishing and cozy it is. Check out my IGTV to see the recipe

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