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one to one nutrition services

ready to go from bloated to bliss?

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are you....

  • tired of playing the guessing game and spending hundreds of supplements to find out nothing has changed? 

  • hoping to learn what it feels like to have dinner with your friends and not feel bloated all of the time?

  • constantly looking up free resources on instagram but still unable to get to the root cause of your health conditions?

  • wearing leggings all of the time instead of the jeans you spend lots of money on because the bloat is just way too uncomfortable?

  • still trying to understand why your symptoms that came out of nowhere still won't go away regardless of how much you research?

  • constantly eyeing this service but too intimidated to start? 


I was in your position three years ago when I made the best decision of my life. 


If you’re ready to experience change in your life, then the 12 week bloat to bliss program is for you.

twelve week bloated to bliss program

I know how difficult it can be to start a gut healing protocol on your own. I know what it’s like to feel embarrassed about your bloat and skin irregularities. I know what it’s like to wake up first thing in the morning and run to the mirror to see if anything has changed. I don’t want you to suffer for any longer. 

This is why I created this program. My focus is to make it as simple as possible so we can reduce your symptoms and make you feel comfortable in your body again.

In these 12 weeks together, we will get to the root cause of your bloat and/or skin abnormalities so you can glow from the inside out. We will determine whether a candida or parasite cleanse is necessary (my speciality!) or if we need to look further into gut repairment. I’ll make sure you feel confident throughout all of the changes.

You will have my support throughout the entire process so you never have to feel alone because I’ve been there too, and I want you to know how good it feels to be on the other side.

what’s included + package offerings

This 12 week program consists of: 

  • Initial intake to go over your health history, main concerns and to create a strategic plan.

  •  Monthly follow-up phone calls and protocols to assure you are on the right track 

  • A new full meal plan every month filled with delicious, healthy and easy recipes customized just for you!

  • Supplement recommendations based off of your needs and budget each month

  • Lifestyle recommendations for you to make this new transition attainable each month

  • Customized tea blends (CA only) each month to inspire you to connect with your body + nourish (candida, UTI, etc)/


In addition: 

  • The Parasite Protocol & Simplifying Supplements will be sent to each client 

  • A list of foods to include and avoid as we heal the gut

  • You will receive 24/5 access to myself so I can answer any questions you have during our time working together

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If you’re ready to apply for this life-changing program, click the link below to apply! If the application is successful, you’ll be contacted by Jass to book a discovery call. If you’re still unsure if this is the right program for you, send Jass an email at with the title: “bloated to bliss inquiry”. I can’t wait to work with you!

you didn't just hear it from me

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