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From Candida to Clarity 

get back to feeling 100%


If you’ve been looking to do a candida cleanse to clear your chronic bloat, skin issues, and brain fog that just won’t go away no matter what you do … Clear Your Candida is for you.


This self-paced program allows you to take control of your health and save your time guessing the solution - you’ll be provided with all of the tools necessary.

Candida cleansing can be very intimidating and because of that, you might know you have candida, but feel too nervous to start healing. I know I’ve been there before, to the point where I even tried to convince myself that I was completely fine.


In reality, my bloat, headaches, and skin issues were all correlated directly to candida. Not only did this defense mechanism mindset set me back, but it made me realize just how real and common candida truly was. Whether you have done a candida cleanse before or are brand new to it, Clear Your Candida will take you through the process step by step. 


If you’re like me and have hundreds of questions about the cleanse, then you’ll be happy to know that I am here to support you - in this program, you get to ask me any of your burning antifungal questions through our Nourished community. You are not alone in this healing process.


Does this sound like you?

Are you tired of constantly taking antifungals like fluconazole and still not seeing results?

Do you feel lost when it comes to the candida diet - not sure what you should or should not eat?

Are you unsure of what supplements to take, and when to take them? Do you even need them?

Do you get stressed out when the warmer months come because your fungal infections start to become worse and worse?

Do you feel anxious about not wearing a face mask anymore because you're self conscious about everyone seeing your skin?

If you are ready to go into the candida cleanse with confidence, then Clear Your Candida was designed for you! Not only will you learn everything there is to know about candida cleansing, you will also have me (Holistic Nutritionist and Herbalist) to ask any of your questions!  


In this program, you will get:

  • Access to multiple video lessons about candida cleansing, so you can understand how to complete a successful candida cleanse

  • Action steps on what to do before your candida cleanse

  • A full protocol of supplement recommendations

  • A supportive group of like-minded friends who are going through the same process as you

  • Access to ask Jass any questions through the community so you never feel alone

  • A database of meal plans for you to use so you never run out of meal ideas

Topics in this program include:

  • Conventional treatment of candida (aka medications that I personally don’t recommend)

  • How to prepare for a candida cleanse

  • How to boost your lymphatic system

  • A full pre-cleansing protocol on what to do before you cleanse 

  • A full protocol on the cleanse (foods, supplements, lifestyle) 

  • A full post-cleanse protocol so you don’t have to deal with candida again 

  • An in-depth food guide on what to eat, not eat and minimize on the cleanse 

  • How to do a coffee enema correctly

  • Tons of candida friendly meal plans and recipes

  • And more!


what past clients have to say


Candida cleansing has seriously opened my eyes to SO much.


I had no idea that all of my issues like bloat, indigestion, skin were all related to something that is never talked about.


I am so thankful that Jass open my eyes up to this. I wouldn’t be here without her today and it is actually what has pushed me to go to school for Nutrition myself



what you'll get

on-demand video lessons on candida cleansing so you can cleanse with clarity and confidence

a community of like-minded individuals

support and accountability

a database of meal plans and supplements

access to ask Jass any of your questions through our community

everything you need to know about candida cleansing 

check out our payment plans

One payment of 

paid upfront

best value

One payment of $377
includes the parasite eBook for the reduced price of just $80 

Three payments of 

3 monthly payments

Payment Plans

Learn everything you need to know to start clearing your candida symptoms today - join now!

Please email with any questions about the program.

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