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Clear your Candida Program

Clear your Candida Program

C$190.00 Regular Price
C$142.50Sale Price

Struggling with chronic bloat, persistent skin issues, chronic yeast infections, or lingering brain fog? Clear Your Candida is here to help.


Are you tired of constantly taking antifungals like fluconazole and still not seeing results? Do you feel lost when it comes to the candida diet—unsure of what you should or should not eat? Are you unsure of what supplements to take, and when to take them? Do you even need them?


Our self-paced program offers a straightforward approach to reclaiming your health. Say goodbye to endless guesswork—our comprehensive tools provide the guidance you need to take control of your cleanse. 


Do you get stressed out when the warmer months come because your fungal infections start to become worse and worse? Do you feel anxious about not wearing a face mask anymore because you're self-conscious about everyone seeing your skin?


This is Jass' tried and true candida cleanse that has help hundreds of women get back to feeling better than before. 


I can't wait to welcome you in!


In this program you will get: 


  • Access to multiple video lessons about candida cleansing, constipation and pre-cleansing so you can understand how to complete a successful candida cleanse

  • Action steps on what to do before your candida cleanse to support the lymphatic system 

  • A full protocol of supplement recommendations

  • A full post-cleanse protocol (the most important part)

  • Discounts on supplements and leaves to enhance your cleanse 

  • A database of meal plans for you to use so you never run out of meal ideas

**all sales are final.

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