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Top 3 Supplements To Reduce Stress

Updated: May 11, 2021

Many of us are starting to feel more and more anxious with the news we’ve been given lately. We may also be feeling extra down due to the circumstances and needing to self-isolate for a longer period of time. Although I believe that positivity and the right mindset will bring us far, I know that some of us may need an extra push. Below are three of my favourite supplements for stress reduction:

No surprise here, but my top recommendation would be magnesium. This is a supplement that I have been taking for at least three years and truly swear by it. CanPrev and Pure Encapsulations have a really great magnesium bisglycinate to help reduce stress, improve sleep and promote relaxation. Magnesium can be taken on an ongoing basis. The best time to take magnesium would be in the evening so it can promote restful sleep. If you want to learn about dosing, the different forms of magnesium and which one is right for you, you can check that out in the Simplifying Supplements eBook. PS if you suffer with poor PMS symptoms, magnesium can also really help with that!

A B-Complex is also a great idea to add onto your routine. B vitamins are depleted when we are in a state of stress, whether it’s physical or emotional. It is important for us to replenish the body of B vitamins because not only do they help manage stress, they also aid energy, metabolism, digestion and can help with PMS symptoms.

St Francis’ Strest Formula is one of my favourite anti-stress formulas out of the market today. I’ve taken this formula many times through high stress periods and have found that with consistent use, my anxiety was reduced. Although it does take some time to feel the effects of this supplement, it really has helped me get through some of the most stressful months. Please keep in mind that although I do recommend this formula, you must be extremely careful when taking any herbs. Please do not take this if you are on medication or currently pregnant/breastfeeding! 

You can learn more about supplements (& everything there is to know) here. This book was created for practitioners + curious minds to help them understand supplements at a much greater capacity. You will also have my email for contact support on all of your supplement questions! 

 I would love to know what you are doing to reduce your stress levels!

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