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Travel Tips for Better Digestion

Updated: May 11, 2021

Traveling can definitely make a lot of us nervous when it comes to our digestive systems. From the radiation on the plane, to the different time zones, and different meals, we can experience very different digestive symptoms.  As someone who is very passionate about digestive health, I think that it is so important to have fun on vacation, but also take care of your body to avoid getting ill. I know for myself, if I want to fully enjoy my travels, I need to make sure I'm feeling healthy and energized.  Here are a few things that I never travel without:  Magnesium: This mineral is number one on my list because it is seriously so important. We are almost always depleted in magnesium, and due to our low nutrient soils today, it is so hard to maintain healthy mg levels without supplementation.  When traveling, I take magnesium before the plane, on the plane and all throughout the travels. The radiation from flying and various time zones leave our body very tired, light headed, bloated, and sore (mg deficiency sign). Taking magnesium really helps with these symptoms.  Probiotic:  Most of the time when we are traveling, we are going to be getting off schedule and eating foods or going to places that are out of our norm. Its important to take a probiotic so that if you do expose your body to new, undesirable bacteria, the probiotic can fight it off. Unfortunately, it is very easy for those who have a poor digestive and immune system to catch an infection and not know about it during their travels. If you ever experience food poisoning or travellers diarrhea whilst traveling, it would be recommended to try a parasite cleanse.  Digestive Enzymes: These are a must for me. As mentioned previously, new foods can be a shock to the body and you can experience a lot of digestive discomfort. Digestive enzymes will help to digest the food better, and also get rid of any harmful bacteria that may lie in the food.  Collagen:  Taking some collagen on your next trip could be a good idea to help support your gut a little more as it may be lacking its regular maintenance. I love taking the little travel size packs with me and adding it to my coffee or smoothies. I also find that I lack protein in my diet when I am traveling, so having a little pack with 10g of protein, is a helpful little boost.  Hemp Hearts:  These little guys are a great source of fibre, healthy fats and protein. I travel with the little travel packs of these and sprinkle them on all of my meals so that I am getting some extra nutrients.  Ginger:  Its very common to get tummy aches when we travel as the difference in time zones can be a lot of the body to adjust to. Instead of taking a Tums, grab some fresh ginger, ginger capsules or a tincture to help soothe your tummy.  Skipping Rope:  You may not be planning on working out, but you will be thankful you brought this with you when its half way through your trip and you're dying to get moving. I always keep a skipping rope and some bands in my luggage.  Water:  Always make sure to keep hydrated. Sometimes its hard to remind yourself to keep drinking water throughout the day when you're constantly out, but this is a huge saviour. Not only does it help with water retention and energy, it will really help with digesting your foods and keeping your immune system stronger.  Lemon:  When you arrive to your destination, find a grocery store and grab a few lemons. Adding these to your water will help with your digestion throughout the whole trip. Its the little things that make the biggest differences.  Don't be afraid to ask the server what is in the food:  I know that a lot of us feel like we are being a bother when asking thee servers about allergies, but we have every right to know whats in our food! I am usually that person who is asking a million questions because of my sensitivities.  I hope that you guys can take some information from this post when you plan your next trip. If you have any specific questions, please don't hesitate to send me an email! 

- Jass 

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