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Top 5 Superfoods for Every Pantry

Updated: May 11, 2021

I love superfoods! Superfoods are foods that hold a large capacity of nutrients, specifically antioxidants. These foods can be anything from a cup of berries to a hormonal balancing herb. I wanted to share my top five superfoods that I always keep in my pantry and why! Matcha:  This is a pretty obvious one for me. Matcha is the purest form of green tea. It is 24 times more potent in nutrients than a single bag of green tea, but it contains the same amount of caffeine (about 25ml) of a regular green tea bag. The caffeine in coffee is roughly around 120ml for a small.  Matcha is a superfood that I add into my daily routine because of how anti-inflammatory this herb is. For someone who suffered with migraines, I find that matcha has really helped me overcome this.  Matcha is also naturally potent in L-Theanine, an amino acids that helps to promote relaxation, while gently enhancing focus and concentration. I find that this is the perfect drink to sip on in the afternoons while I work with clients.  The brand I have been loving is DoMatcha. Cacao powder:  This is an easy one to add into your daily diet, who doesn't love chocolate? Cacao is an incredible source of magnesium. In fact, cacao is the number one food source of magnesium in the world! It’s important to note that this is a huge difference before cacao and cocoa. Cacao is at it’s purest form without any added ingredients. It has been cold pressed and heated only to a temperature that has not denatured it’s properties. Cocoa, on the other hand is the one that we see most often. Cocoa has been heated to add a light flavour, but unforunately during this process, it has also denatured it’s properties. I add cacao into all of my smoothies, baking, or even make a healthy hot chocolate from it! The brand I love is Giddy Yoyo. They also have cacao butter, nibs, paste and the best chocolate bars out there! Apple Cider Vinegar; This superfood is a must for me. Apple cider vinegar helps to reduce the acidity in our body, which aids in having a more alkaline system. With this baseline, we can experience better digestion, skin health, a quicker metabolism, a stronger immune system and so much more. I recommend having 1 tsp to a tbsp of apple cider vinegar on an empty stomach first thing in the morning mixed with a little bit of water. You can also have this right before every meal to increase digestion! My favourite brand is Bragg’s. Coconut milk: I always make sure to have some coconut milk in my pantry because of how versatile it is. Not only does it tastes great in smoothies or curries, coconut has incredible healing properties! Coconut is anti-microbial, which is great for our digestive system and immune systems. I love buying a can of Cha’s Organics coconut milk and adding it into a glass jar with water to fill the top. I use this instead of buying nut milk so that I can stay away from those unwanted ingredients! I recommend getting Cha’s Organics coconut milk. Mountain Salt: I add salt to everything! Mountain salt is my favourite salt out there.  Unlike sea salt, mountain salt does not contain the high levels of possible plastic contaminants from the ocean. The kind of mountain salt you buy is really important and that’s why I trust Giddy Yo’s mountain salt. The salt comes from Ecuador, where the specific land is not sprayed, ensuring true nutrients and no chemicals. I love adding this salt to my foods to add great flavour and even into my water. Mountain salt is an incredible electrolyte with tons of minerals important for balancing the body. If you are feeling low on energy, stressed, tired after a workout or feeling sick, I highly recommend adding in 1 tsp of mountain salt into a litre of water! These are the 5 superfoods I always have in my pantry. They are easy and quick to use with benefits that last a lifetime. I get my superfoods from Healthy Planet and always recommend that my clients go into the Healthy Planet as I trust the knowledge that the Holistic Nutritionist provide. You can also use my discount code online if you spend over $149.00 to save 10%! At the checkout, add in the code: JassHealth. I hope you guys love these superfoods as much as I do and I hope I have inspired you to try something new!


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