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The Ultimate Holiday Guide for Your Health Nut Bestie

Updated: May 11, 2021

2019 Holiday Wellness Gift Guide

Every Christmas shopping season, I tell myself the next year I need to start buying gifts earlier, to avoid the stress and the lack of stock. Waiting for something to come in the mail while trying to guess why it’s taking longer than expected is NOT fun. So here’s a little reminder to get a head start! Nobody ever regrets buying gifts TOO early, right?

The gifts in this blog post are for the wellness-focused gals - things you know you have on your to-buy list, but can’t bring to splurge on yourself. Those are always the best kinds of gifts to receive, don’t you think? 

Plus, all the gifts are under $100, with most of them being under $50. 


A staple for every girl! I don’t know anyone who isn’t obsessed with their Lulu leggings once they get their first pair! And they are the only leggings I’ve tried that truly look the same after multiple washes...and even if they do pill or something goes wrong, they can bring it back to the store to get a new pair. So you’re giving someone a pair that will last a lifetime. Joyous Health Dry Shampoo This is better than normal dry shampoo because there are NO chemicals or preservatives, it smells nice, and it lasts forever! It’s made from a combination of tapioca starch, rice flour and bentonite clay, all of which will soak in the extra oil very effectively. It’s great to sprinkle on a bit after the gym or other workouts. Make sure to choose between the dark or light versions! A Variety of Protein Bars This can consist of either buying a bulk box of protein bars, or make your own curated mixture - 8 to 12 is usually a good quantity, but it’s up to you. You can also make it very personalized based on the diet or foods they enjoy. If they are on the keto diet, you can add Suzie’s Good Fats. If they are on the paleo diet, you can add Julian Bakery Paleo bars. If they are on a digestive healing diet, you can add the Genuine Health Fermented Vegan protein bars. Or get them a whole mix and let them choose their favourite! It can be expensive trying so many different kinds of protein bars (they’re around $3 - $5 each sometimes!), so by gifting this, you’re encouraging them to find their go-to protein or snack bar! This year, instead of giving someone baked goods, give them something they can take on the go and be nourished! Skin Diva Cup With the zero waste growing bigger and bigger, I’m sure most people have heard of menstrual cups already. It’s not as taboo as it used to be, that’s for sure. It might seem intimidating if they haven’t made the switch yet, but at least they might try it if you buy it for them? Wildcraft Care Eye Serum If you know me, you know that I love all things that start and end with Wildcraft Care. They are a Toronto based skin care company with natural, beautiful and simple ingredients. Not to mention, the beautiful women and founder, Laura, behind the brand spread nothing but radiance and true care- this is huge for me. All of my products from Wildcraft Care travel with me wherever I go. If you’re shopping for your minimalist, health conscious bestie, you have to try their products! The Eye serum is amazing, and is one that I personally have seen incredible results with. USE THIS CODE TO SAVE 10%: NOURISH10 Mount Lai Gua Sha Jade Facial Lifting Tool So many spas these days are incorporating Gua Sha into their facials! It’s an old school tool used to scrape the skin to relieve tension in the face, boost blood circulation and improve lymphatic drainage - it’s great to get rid of bloat in the face! There are so many different materials to choose from, and the jade or rose quartz ones will definitely look beautiful on your bathroom counter too. Silk Pillow Case Did you know that using a silk pillowcase can prevent wrinkles AND bedhead? It’s an essential for beauty sleep! Silk pillowcases create a smooth surface that causes less friction on your skin and hair - thus preventing wrinkles and frizzy hair. It is super luxurious to lie on, and since we spend almost a third of our lives sleeping, your gift receiver will be constantly reminded of your thoughtfulness!  Home The 6th Scent Candles Candles might seem like a natural way to bring wonderful scents into the room, but they actually filled with volatile organic compounds that can cause irritation, allergic reactions and vital organ damage - especially for the liver, kidneys and central nervous system. The 6th Scent Candles use soy instead of parrafin wax, natural scents and have cool wooden wicks! They look very unique and people will be sure to ask where you got the candle from. USE CODE FOR 15% OFF: JASS15OFF Himilayan Salt Lamp For a functional AND beautiful gift, you can buy them a Himalayan salt lamp! It looks beautiful as-is, plus it has been known to balance electromagnetic radiation, purify the air and enhance mood! Or if they already have one, you can get them a Himalayan salt night light. It’s perfect to use in the bathroom at night when you need some light, but don’t want to turn on the normal lights - often that wakes you up so that you can’t fall back asleep after. The salt lamp is soft and calming enough to prevent this.  Cozy Throw Blanket An essential for all those movie nights you will be having! Or just to lay on the couch to make it cozier. Either way, one can never have enough cozy blankets, right? Saje Diffuser Saje diffusers are made from ceramic and are so beautiful. The holidays are the best time of the year to diffuse some nice scents! Saje also has some pretty great holiday specials! So you definitely have to check them out. Food Honey Bee Meals Gift Card We all have those days where we don’t have enough time to cook! Most of the times it happens unpredictably, so whoever gets this gift will be so thankful for your perfectly relevant gift! This meal plan delivery service uses fresh, quality ingredients to make gluten free, lactose free, soy free and refined sugar free meals for you to enjoy anywhere you want! Their meals and ingredients are so similar to homemade meals, so you get that convenience factor without sacrificing health and quality. It’s available in Toronto and many GTA cities like Richmond Hill, Burlington and Scarborough! Tru Local Gift Card If you’re anything like me, you might love the idea of having lots of backup meats in your freezer. I mean, you never know when you have that steak craving in the middle of the week! With Tru Local, you can give months worth of meat to someone. It’s convenient, and you can be assured that you’re giving high quality, organic and grass fed/wild caught meat. This would be great for someone who just started eating a more “clean” diet, because it really takes the guesswork out of where the meat is sourced from.  USE CODE FOR $25 OFF ANY SIZED BOX: JASSYHOLIDAY25 Silicone Donut Pan You’ve probably already seen Jass’s paleo everything bagels recipe and wanted to make them before! Well, don’t let the lack of a donut/bagel pan stop you! And if you gift one to a friend, they might repay you by making you some paleo bagels? Or even some donuts if you’re lucky!  Stojo Reusable Collapsible Silicone Cup The most difficult thing about bringing a reusable cup to your favourite cafe is that you never know when you will need one! They take up quite a bit of space in your bag, so I usually only take one if I know for sure I will be buying a drink somewhere. But with this cup, you can collapse it down to a super small size! This would be perfect for the environmentally conscious friend who wants an easy way to start making some big changes.  LEAVES Jass’s new tea blend isn’t just a tea - it’s specifically formulated for healing bloat! Many people suffer from bloat especially during this time of the year where we’re not exactly super strict with our diet choices. But that’s okay because there are always ways to combat that dreaded bloated feeling! Jass’s tea also comes with an e-book full of anti-bloat recipes, making it a more personalized gift! Giddy Yo Yo Chocolate Chocolate is a go-to gift during the holidays. If you want to give an organic, fair trade option from a company that chooses the most nutritious sources and practices, Giddy Yo Yo has so many different flavours of delicious chocolate bars to choose from! Evive Smoothie: These smoothies are not only delicious but extremely nutritious! For your busy to getter bestie, these would be perfect! Maybe even for yourself too! The smoothies deliver in a box to your home, so no need to go out and get them. Save time and money getting healthier one step at a time! When I have a super busy week ahead, I always grab these from the store or order online to ensure I will be eating well and staying healthy. USE CODE TO SAVE $15 OFF ANY BOX: JASS15 Thanks for taking a read and we hope you can find some great ideas through here! -Grace + Jass Follow Grace on Instagram, she posts delicious recipes and is an incredibly smart gal when it comes to nutrition!

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