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Is Parasite Cleansing for You?

Updated: May 11, 2021

Because parasites come from the external environment you live in, or from the foods you eat, they are extremely difficult to avoid completely. Low levels are okay, but you want to avoid having them accumulate in your body, which will decrease your normal bodily functions. A simple way to describe it is that you will not be living your healthiest, best self if you are full of parasites.  The symptoms for parasites are extremely common, but if you have more than 5 of these, it is a good time for you to decrease your parasite levels with a parasite cleanse! You have a higher chance of having parasites if you’ve: -Eaten a lot of sushi and raw fish.  -Been to countries/continents like China, Africa, Mexico, India, Cancun, Cuba and had not felt the same since, health wise.   -Eaten pork consistently. Pork is one of the foods that contain the most parasites and worms. Small amounts are ok, but over time, the parasites may accumulate. -Eaten a lot of raw foods, especially at salad bars. Raw foods and being left out for long periods = not a good combination for parasites.   -Eaten fruits and vegetables without washing them.   -Done a live blood analysis and been told you have parasites.   -Never completed a parasite or candida cleanse.  Some common symptoms of parasite symptoms are: -Not feeling full after meals   -Have iron-deficiency anemia  -Grinding teeth during sleep  -Having depression or anxiety   -Unexplained weight gain, especially around midsection  -Painful periods  -Trouble sleeping   -Always tired no matter what you try   -Recurring yeast/candida infections   -Muscles and joints are achy   -Unexplained skin irritations (acne, hives, rosacea, eczema)   -And so much more! What you can expect from parasite cleansing:  -Better digestion  -Better brain function (concentration, memory)  -Feeling better overall   -Progress in your healing journey   -Reduced PMS  -Lower frequency of infections  You should NOT be parasite cleansing if you:  -Are pregnant or breastfeeding  -Are under age 18   -Are constipated most of the time (less than one comfortable bowel movement a day)  -Have severe digestion difficulties (IBD, stomach ulcers, diverticulosis, IBS) Now that you have a clear idea of who should be doing the parasite cleanse, will you make this choice to start this cleanse with me? Even though I have done the cleanse many times, it’s something we should be doing at least yearly, to keep up!  Plus, I always feel so much better after each cleanse. It’s shocking how much our bodies can put up with until you feel the difference of being so much more vibrant and thriving in day-to-day life!  If you want an easy guide, with everything you need to know before parasite cleansing, please do yourself a favour and get a copy of my newest ebook, The Parasite Protocol It’s advisable to work with a holistic nutritionist when doing a parasite cleanse, but with this protocol, you can be confident doing it on your own.  Plus, I will be starting a cleanse on Sept. 8th and sharing my experience, tips and tricks with my Instagram community @nourishwithjass. Follow me and we can do it all together! 


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