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Gym Bag Essentials

Updated: May 11, 2021

I love learning about what others keep in their gym bag, so I thought I would share what I have in mine!

  1. This is an obvious one, but water! I like to keep a tight closed cap water bottle in my gym bag. I have had way too many encounters with other bottles spilling all over my things, so I love to go with Swell. 

  2. I keep an extra pair of tights and a sports bra in my bag just in case I spill my coffee all over me (it’s happened way too many times at this point). I also think its important to keep an extra set because I often run out to do errands after the gym. 

  3. Weirdly enough, I also keep two pair of runners in gym bag. I like to wear solid and flat shoes for leg and shoulder days, but I am so obsessed with my APLS. These are the MOST comfortable runners I have ever owned. 

  4. I still use an iPod! I use an iPod Nano because I find that it keeps me off of my phone. I can leave my phone in the car or the locker and don’t need to use it until I’m completely done with my workout. No distractions are the best when working out! I’ve accidentally put this baby through the wash twice, and she’s still going strong. 

  5. Natural deodorant is a must for obvious reasons. Even though I have been using natural deodorant for over two years now, I still need to reapply it, especially after the gym. I love Routine deodorant. I also keep little essentials like organic unbleached tampons, travel size Dr Bronner’s soap and face wipes.

  6. Karma Wellness Water is another new essential. I love having this water in my gym bag because it’s packed with vitamins- perfect for a post workout boost. After a sweaty sesh, I crave something sweet so this is the perfect mix. If you are someone who likes to have a Gaterade after the gym, I highly recommend trying this out instead! Super low in sugar, functional varieties and it has real vitamins in there for you. What’s really cool about this water is that the vitamins are only infused once you push the cap. This makes sure that they are fresh so you don’t need to worry about the vitamins losing their strength. This Kiwi Melon is from their probiotic line which is perfect for post workout as you expose yourself to tons of bacteria at the gym. Shop for Karma through here:

  7. Bands! I use resistance bands for every single workout that I do, whether thats upper body, lower body or HIIT. I have found these to be a huge game changer and I feel lost without them. If you re new to the gym, this would be a great way to start. I find that these are incredible for activating my muscles before lifting. 

  8. L-Carnitine from AOR is a supplement that I cycle on and off with. I am currently doing 2 capsules (when I remember) before a workout. This helps to used stored fat as energy without any caffeine. You won’t necessarily feel an energy burst but it does help with burning fat over time and giving you some extra strength. I take this for a month, and then add it back after 3 months. IF you have questions on this one, please ask!

  9. Paleo Ethics Surge is also another staple that I keep in my gym bag. Although I don’t use it for every workout, I seriously love the way it makes me feel. I have used pre workouts in the past, and they have left me unbelievably dizzy after the workout. This one only has 14mg of natural caffeine and tons of superfoods to give you that burst of energy. It gives me amazing control and focus, yet leaves me feeling refreshed.

  10. Hair ties are something that I would like to think I keep in my gym bag, but I always end up forgetting them and then I end up having to workout with my hair down when they snap. This is me reminding myself to put hair ties in my gym bag. 

  11. When I’m rushing out the door, I like to take a snack with me (almonds, pumpkin seeds, protein bar, protein powder, fruit) because I always get uncontrollably hungry after my workout. I also usually run errands after the gym, so this is an essential, otherwise I will spend money on a five dollar bar!

I hope you found this fun to read! Let me know your favourites, I would love to know what you guys love adding to your gym bag!


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