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Back to Routine: Fitness Tips

Updated: May 11, 2021

I get it. Quarantine has made it feel almost impossible to stick to some goals. Personally, I am really committed to my fitness goals. It’s crucial for me to feel strong and to challenge my body and I’ve been able to hold myself accountable for this for the past few years.

I’ve been struggling to get the same workout high I get when I’m at the gym ever since this quarantine started. I tried to do online studio sessions and found that I would get too distracted. I tried to make circuits for myself, and just found that I wasn’t as committed to it. Going to the gym is just a totally different motivation!

I would look for any and every excuse to tell myself that “working out just wasn’t the same as it was at the gym”. I mean, that is true— we’re limited to equipment and my god, I miss front squatting my normal weight! But the reality is that I was just using these excuses to feel sorry for myself for way too long. 

These are a few things I’ve done to help me get back into a healthy routine with my fitness schedule: 

Stop with the excuses. You are the only one holding yourself back. I totally believe and preach rest, but I think some of us (myself included) may be feeling like we’ve been resting for too long. I want to be strong and healthy for the rest of my life so this is an absolute non-negotiable in my life. If this sounds too extreme, think about how many hours we spend sitting down (especially during this quarantine) .. that’s extreme.

Put nutrition first. When I started to get really specific with my goals, I also realized that my nutrition was lacking. Are you getting enough protein in to sustain your energy? I’ve been having a scoop of protein after every workout and I swear that itself just motivates me more! It is vital that you are eating more if you’re working out. You don’t need to get technical and count calories (and I personally, really do not recommend this to anyone), but just make sure you have enough food on your plate to keep your energy up. 

Get a household member to workout with you. Having that extra inspiration from someone else really helps to push you past your comfort zone. If you live alone during this time, try to do challenges with friends through the Nike app or create them yourselves. 

Get some clean BCAAs into your workout routine. I love and have sworn by the BCAAs from ATP Labs ever since I started to switch over my supplements to cleaner brands. ATP Labs is a Canadian company that believes quality comes before anything. You will never find anything questionable in their products. The raspberry one is amazing! If you’ve been following me through stories, you will know that this has been a daily non-negotiable during workouts or post run! BCAAs (branch chained amino acids) are made up of 3 essential amino acids that aid in muscle growth and recovery. If you’re out on the market, looking for a clean supplement brand, I would definitely suggest looking into ATP Labs. They are super clean, pure and results driven. I love this Canadian company!

Do something out of the norm. I used to hate running because it would put a lot of pressure on my knees. I can now say that it was just an excuse and I look forward to getting out there and running every single day. It’s been a game changer for my fitness. I’m excited to continue running this summer to push past my comfort zone. 

Set alarms on your phone each hour. I have a few alarms for push ups, banded squats, lunges, etc. This encourages me to take that 5 minute break during the day to move my body. I literally have to go in and actively ignore the message, so it honestly just makes it easier to do it and get it done!

Lastly, give yourself grace on those days where you just need to skip a work out. We need rests days and they are absolutely crucial for our bodies. However, I think it’s important to note that many of us are probably just sitting around all day. Our bodies deserve movement. Find that healthy balance for yourself.

I hope these tips helped to bring a little more inspiration to your quarantine lifestyle :)


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