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5 Snacks For Parasite Cleansing

Updated: May 11, 2021

Snacking when cleansing can sometimes be a challenge, especially during busy days. most on the go prepackaged snacks contain high sugar and ingredients that aren’t always cleanse friendly. I always like to prep my snacks in advance so they’re accessible and easy to grab on the go.

here’s my top five snacks for parasite cleansing: 

sunflower seed hummus with chopped veggies. sunflower seed hummus is the perfect alternative for hummus for the cleanse. I love @liveorganicfood’s sunflower seed dip and spread. you can always make your own as well during your meal prep for the week to have on hand. 

chopped celery and apples with almond butter. the easiest and most timeless snack. if I’m on the go I put a few tbsps of almond butter in a container to dip my chopped celery and apples in.

evive smoothies are always great to have on hand to make a quick and nutritious smoothie. these blends are so delicious and I love not having to buy + prep each individual ingredient. you can use JASS15 for $15 off your order. my favourite flavours are:

giddy yo 100% chocolate bars. these are a staple for me when I’m on and off cleansing. their 100% bar is cleanse friendly and one of my absolute favourite snacks. 

pumpkin seeds are such a great snack to have on hand during the cleanse. pumpkin seeds are anti-parasitic, which means they aid in killing off parasites. they’re great by themselves or the perfect topping for a smoothie bowl. when buying seeds you always want to make sure they’re organic and raw. always store seeds in the fridge or freezer, the oils in seeds are really fragile and go rancid really easily in room temperature. I like to store mine in mason jars in the fridge to keep them fresh. 

what are your go to snacks for cleansing? i could use some extras! 

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