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5 Fitness Studios Offering Daily Workout Classes (For Free!)

Updated: May 11, 2021

5 Fitness Studios Offering Daily Workout Classes (For Free!)

With a few weeks in quarantine already, I can say that one good thing to arise is the amount of free workouts that are being posted! And since everyone is in the same situation of not being able to access the gym or their usual workout class, many fitness studios teaching their classes live for free! 

If you’re like me, you probably already spend a lot of time on Instagram - that’s actually where many of the free classes are being held! They are taught by the actual instructors that normally teach in the studio.

All you have to do to join is click on the fitness studio’s IG profile during the time of their class. It’s fun because you can see other people commenting about the workout too. Although if it’s a really captivating workout, you probably won’t see any comments since they are focused on the actual workout. Most studios will keep the replay for 24 hours if you can’t make it on time!

Of course, you don’t HAVE to workout during this period. But remember that immunity is more than just the supplements you take - lifestyle factors such as adequate sleep and movement are definitely higher up on the list. And people know this - that’s why live workout classes are still a thing and so many people are joining! 

Here are a few my favourite fitness studios offering classes now: 

Focuses on strength, core, cardio/circuit training and stretching - they use a lot of small movements but it really burns! The slow movements really build intensity and sculpt your body. They are known for giving that long, lean, toned definition. 

They have classes covering all the bases (cardio, strength training) but the best part is they are actually so fun and challenging! They have a class called Hard Ass and it really is no joke, your butt will be so sore the next day. They also have zumba, HIIT and bootcamps.

If you like low impact, barre type movements, you would love this. Sometimes you don’t want to be jumping around everywhere when working out in your house so this is a great option. They actually have studios all over the world, so it’s amazing that you can join this workout now!

Can’t forget about a good old yoga workout...this studio has the perfect mix of fast-paced and slower-paced workouts.

A new york city based workout studio that mixes boxing and yoga. Boxing has gotten super popular these days and you actually don’t always need boxing gloves to join in. I love this combination because boxing is very intense and cardio heavy, so the addition of yoga (and other exercises) makes it a good pairing. 

Make sure to check their IG stories or posts for weekly schedules because they may change it week by week! It’s a good idea to write them down week by week in your calendar.

If you try out any of these classes, I’d love to know your thoughts!

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