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Productivity Hacks for Business Owners

Updated: May 11, 2021

Do you ever feel like you’ve been working all day, but still haven’t checked anything off? When it comes to working on your business, productivity is seriously so important. It can either make or break your consistency and we all know just how much time the backend of the business can really take..  Set a routine as to when you start and end work. For myself, I start around 8 AM and have my end time at 5 PM. If I end up not sticking to that time frame, that’s okay. But it’s nice to have a frame to work around so you can schedule everything else around it. Some days, you’ll be working eleven hours, other days, you’ll be working less than two. That’s the beauty of working for yourself!  Do all of your calls in the morning. I know for myself that I am most productive when I get all of the calls, meetings and appointments scheduled in the morning. That way I have the afternoon to do everything else that needs to get done.  That reminds me: Use Google Calendar! I’m so new to this but I have already seen a difference in the way my brain works when I write every single task down. Colour code all do the deadlines to red. This helps me keep track of it all! Turn off ALL notifications. My friends know that if it’s on a weekday, they most likely will not be hearing from me until 5 PM. This is crucial for me because just responding to that one text can either mean 15 minutes on instagram, or allowing someone else to control what needs to get done for the day.  Turn all of the instagram notifications off! I personally have never had these notifications on because I knew that if I were to get every notification on my phone, it would not only disrupt my tasks, but it could also heighten anxiety. Those comments, DMs, or new posts can absolutely wait. In order to show up for your people, you need to be in the right mindset and in between tasks is probably not the best time. Choose 30 minutes in your day where you can commit to getting back to all of those DMs.  Within your working schedule, take time out of it for breaks, and especially walking breaks. I think these are so crucial when it comes to clearing your mind. If you feel like you are getting distracted, get outside for 15 minutes.  Batch your work. This means, on Mondays you are working on client calls and protocols, but Tuesdays you are just working on content. Wednesdays could be just for recipe and photo creation. Figure out a schedule that works best for you, but make sure you’re not doing ten completely different tasks each day.  This is kind of an obvious one, but meal prep your food the night before. Make lots of chia pudding so it’s ready for you whenever you are feeling hungry! I also love to prep curry, lentils, rice, turkey meatballs. Anything that will save me time during my workday. I hope these tips help you find productivity in your busy schedule! I would recommend starting with one (unless its the notifications, turn them off now), and adding as you go. This could easily turn your eight hour workday, into half.  PS if you want to get more tips like this, sign up for my email list in the home page, or email me!


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