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nourished institute

your go-to hub for all things business and nutrition


become a member of the nourished institute & uplevel your passion and practice

Nourished Institute is a community of like-minded nutritionists and wellness enthusiasts who will get access to exclusive, in-depth trainings on topics like candida + parasite cleansing, liver + gut health, herbalism, reading labels and supplements as well as Jass’ in-depth business lessons on becoming a successful nutritionist (think 1:1 but prerecorded).


You will also have a database of meal plans geared towards specific ailments and diets like SIBO, candida, and AIP to use for yourself or as guidelines for your clients. Each month you will be quizzed on the knowledge so we can assure you are absorbing the information well enough to provide results for yourself and your clients. 

Each month you will also have the chance to join Jass live for a Q&A session where you can ask any of your pressing questions on nutrition, herbalism, or business.

This is a service for women who are looking for additional support in their nutrition passion and are looking to be empowered by a community, alongside Jass. She will be your go-to nutritionist and educator during your time in the nourished institute. She’ll be teaching you up-to-date knowledge on holistic nutrition and business so you can become the best nutritionist out there. 

do you feel like....

  • you want to explore holistic nutrition as a passion or career in the future 

  • you're passionate about nutrition and want to fully immerse yourself in this lifestyle 

  • you want friends who actually get you and could talk about nutrition for days 

  • you'd love to have a database of information from various health topics to learn from 

  • you want to start your practice or instagram before you've completed your studies (ps this is my BEST tip ever… start now) 

  • you're determined to continue learning more about nutrition and herbalism


this is for the nutritionist who....

  • feels intimidated when it comes to working with clients and needs that additional support to feel comfortable and confident

  • wants to learn how Jass built her successful nutrition practice and sign on clients correctly and with ease 

  • misses being in school for nutrition because you just want to keep learning more

  • wants to learn how to be productive in business through Jass’ strategies 

  • wants to be a part of a community of nutritionists and soon-to-be nutritionists? 

if you’re ready to experience a change in your life and join a strong community of others who prioritize investing in themselves, then the nourished institute is for you. 

as a member, you gain instant access to:

  • on-demand video lessons on specific topics in nutrition like candida and parasite cleansing, herbalism, skin health, and liver support.
  • a business section so you can learn how Jass stays productive and successful in business.
  • the most supportive group of like-minded friends to connect with 
  • access to ask Jass any questions through the community 
  • live monthly Q&A calls with Jass 
  • support and accountability from Jass herself 
  • a database of meal plans for you to use for yourself and your clients 

​all of this for less than a bottle of magnesium per month!

two ways to join!

you can join today and pay 12 monthly installments, or pay the full amount upfront - saving the cost of two full months! this program is non-refundable. must join for 12 months minimum.

membersip optons

nourished plan

$490 billed annually

sprouted plan


$49 billed monthly for 12 months

for less than a bottle of magnesium per month!

what nourished members say

I’ve been in the nourished membership since Jass started it and I can easily say that it’s been the best investment ever. I have been able to successfully clear my skin after doing a candida cleanse thanks to the overwhelming (in the best way) amount of information in the membership. Jass has inspired me to the point where I am now going to school for nutrition and I couldn't be more grateful for her. This is going to be the perfect pair with school!

- Nicole

ready to uplevel your passion and practice?

click the link below to get started today!

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