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nourish your nutrition business workshop


this three-day workshop will help you start and nurture your business

this is what we will be covering in three days:

day 1: how your mindset impacts your business 
day 2: the top 5 practices that are hindering your business (and how to change this)
day 3: the top 5 practices to grow your business 

and for the three-day workshop, you will have my support through our facebook group to ask any questions related to the insightful tips that I will be sharing.  I want you to come out of this workshop feeling super confident and ready to take your business to the next level!

reserve your spot in the challenge:
the challenge runs from Tuesday, September 28 until Thursday, September 30th

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i'm jass

your overly passionate mentor when it comes to growing and nurturing your business 

I’ve been lucky enough to support so many Nutritionists with starting, growing and nurturing their business.

I want you to be able to feel confident when it comes to signing on clients, working with clients and owning that role as a Nutritionist. 

I want you to stop doubting yourself and KNOW with all of your heart that you were made for this. You were made to help others flourish in their health. 

I want to make business easier and more fun for you, because after all, we are in this for the long haul. I want to show you how I’ve been able to find ease, bliss and energy in my business. 

you deserve it more than ever. 

Nourished Institute will uplevel your business and nutrition knowledge beyond your dreams and grow your confidence + I couldn't be more excited for you. 


but first, you have to understand the basics.

in this workshop, I will be sharing the most valuable methods on how I helped so many Nutritionists flourish in their business so you can start to take action today and never look back.

ready to fully embody your Nutritionist Certification? join now!

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what past clients have to say


I absolutely loved my experience with Jass! From the get-go she tailored the program to me and what I needed to learn. I always felt comfortable asking questions, expressing my concerns, and being vulnerable with Jass. I felt fully supported in my own business with each passing week as she is extremely knowledgeable in both nutrition and developing a business as a nutritionist. I cannot recommend Jass enough - she is so kind, knowledgeable and supportive. This program is 100000% worth the investment and you & your business will grow so much in the process! 
I really liked all the updates on the bloom in business insta account, it helped to keep me accountable! 



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ready to become the best advocate for your own health?

reserve your spot below.

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