free nourish with me in 3 challenge


this 3 day challenge will help you become the best advocate for your own health

this is what we will be covering in three days:

day 1: how to understand and work with your sugar cravings
day 2: how to grocery shop like a nutritionist + which ingredients to stay away from 
day 3: how to support your liver on a daily basis (and why) 

and for the three day challenge, you will have my support through our facebook group to ask any questions related to these new lifestyle changes. I want you to come out of this challenge feeling super confident!

reserve your spot in the challenge:

the challenge runs from Tuesday, January 26 until Thursday, January 28th

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i'm jass

your number one supporter when it comes to becoming your own health advocate. 

I’ve helped so many women (including myself) get to their best health, and I want to be able to do the same for you. 

I want you to walk into the grocery store with confidence and leave with a solidified plan. I want you to wake up feeling refreshed as ever and go to bed feeling excited to continue your holistic journey.

I want you to know what supplements your body needs, the ingredients your body doesn't need, and what a blissful + nourished lifestyle truly feels like. 

you deserve it more than ever. 

these daily habits will change your life and I couldn't be more excited for you. 

but first, you have to understand the basics.

in this challenge, I will be sharing the most valuable methods on how I helped so many women who were struggling with health concerns get to a place where they are now thriving in their nourished lifestyle.

ready to live your most nourished life? join now!


what past clients have to say

Jass and I worked on reducing my IBS symptoms and especially the bloat. I later realized that the reason I was so bloated was because I wasn’t going to the bathroom as much as I should have been.. Jass helped me get my bowel under control so that I could lose the bloat, and I actually also lost the extra weight in my core. Before that was a goal of mine, but now it’s just an added bonus to feel incredible.


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ready to become the best advocate for your own health?

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