Nourished on a Budget

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Nourished on a Budget


Whether you are a student, new graduate, living in the big city alone or just want to learn how to stay healthy without breaking the bank, this book was made for you!

 Although specifically designed for students, this 20 paged document is for anyone who is looking to achieve a more balanced life in all aspects of physical and mental health.

 What you will find in Nourished on a Budget:

-       Tips + tricks on saving money while eating healthy + eating out + stress eating

-       Appliances + materials for a student home

-       Why a water filter is important and what the most affordable ones are

-       Information on pasta + bread and what brands are the best to buy

-       A grocery list to feel confident in

-       A full meal plan of nourished foods

-       Over 10 recipes of simple, affordable meals

-       The best supplements for stress reduction

If you have any questions about this ebook, please feel free to email me at

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