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The Parasite Protocol eBook

The Parasite Protocol eBook


Parasites are extremely common and are the root cause of many unexplainable symptoms. To get rid of these pathogens, a parasite cleanse must be done and I know how intimidating that might sound…


My story started 3 years ago after getting the worst food poisoning ever. I had NO idea what was going on and nothing helped- everything I tried literally made my symptoms ten times worse (I battled with perioral dermatitis and some digestive issues). After getting a live blood cell analysis done, I realized that parasites and candida were my issue. I stayed committed to the cleanse for 3 months and my skin + digestive symptoms subsided. I am SO passionate about this cleanse.


After specializing in parasite and candida cleanses for over a year (and practicing them for over 3 years), I knew it was time to finally release my secrets to the best and easiest to follow cleanse ever.


The protocol included in this book has been tried and tested for years with many of my clients and myself. Plus, I added in additional information and specific recommendations so you can be confident that this parasite cleanse will bring you the best results.


This comprehensive guide is divided into 3 parts:


1. Everything you need to know about parasites: 

  • What they are 

  • How they are different than candida 

  • Conventional testing vs. Naturopath testing – is it necessary?

  • Parasite die-off 

  • Parasites and the full moon 

  • When the increase antimicrobial dosages

  • How to choose your own supplements 


2. Your parasite cleanse protocol

  • Lifestyle changes

  • Foods to include and exclude

  • Prepackaged snack options

  • Supplements 


3. A 7-day anti-parasitic meal plan 

  • Grocery list

  • Recipes 

  • Meal plan 




You will receive a 15% discount for a custom 7-day vegan or specific diet anti-parasitic meal plan! 


After reading this eBook and going through the antiparasitic protocol, you will experience what it feels like to be confident in your own skin again. I have helped so many people fall back in love with taking care of themselves after doing the cleanse, and I know that the same is possible for you. 

This eBook is for you if:

  • You have symptoms of parasites and want to take charge of your own health 

  • You crave sugar and carbs 24/7

  • You want to strengthen your immune system

  • You are tired of telling yourself “what if I just did it already”

  • You are ready to put yourself first

  • You are willing to make a one time investment into a safe parasite protocol to repeat as necessary 

  • You are not able to invest in a 1:1 session with me because of expenses and time investment

  • You have been in denial of parasites (like I was!) for too long, and you know you need to do something about it

  • You fear getting into an intense cleanse and need guidance on how to do it

  • You want a reliable resource to answer all parasite questions 


After purchasing the eBook, I will be available by email to answer any questions relating to the protocol. I am SO excited for you to start this cleanse!

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