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simplifying supplements eBook

simplifying supplements eBook


This book has been created for practitioners, students in nutrition + every single one of you who is ready to learn and invest in their health. Get ready to be an expert in supplementation through over 50 pages of thorough information!


Why choosing the right supplement is so important now:


There are so many different supplements out on the market today, but how do you choose the best option for you? And how do you determine what makes a supplement effective or not? How can you be sure the supplements you are taking are completely safe? In this comprehensive guide, I give you all my knowledge on my go-to supplements and why they are relevant and needed.


The food today is simply not enough for most of us anymore. The way we process our soil depletes many of the normal minerals and nutrients that we usually get from food. Combine that with losing nutrients through stress, prescription use, antibiotics and pesticide exposure... the food we eat today is simply not the same as it was 100 years ago! Nutritional deficiencies are very common and that is why supplements are a great option for us to reach optimal health!


This guide includes:

  • Ingredients in supplements that you should watch out for 

  • Drugstore vs health food store supplements

  • Best brands of supplements 

  • Duration to take supplements

  • Toxicity of supplements

  • Explanations for the most common vitamins, minerals and nutrients 

  • Specific recommendations for many ailments - PMS, pain, heartburn, traveling, immunity, hair, skin and nail health + many more! 

  • Worksheets with targeted questions to create a routine personalized for YOU


A special discount for supplements, just for YOU!

This guide is created for those who want to:

  • Learn about which forms of supplements are the most readily used by the body

  • Start a supplement regime for optimal health

  • Prevent taking supplements that are contraindicated with each other

  • Take supplements at the best time


After purchasing the eBook, I will be available by email to answer any questions relating to supplements. I cannot wait for you to become an expert in supplements!

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