digestive nourishment eBook

digestive nourishment eBook


Weight management, skin issues, fatigue, bloating, IBS are all common symptoms of an underactive digestive system. The symptoms that we experience externally are a good indication of what’s going on internally


This guide includes:

-       A guide to proper colon cleansing

-       In depth information on foods to add and avoid for best digestion

-       Herbs for healing the gut, bloating, gas, constipation, IBS, fatigue, skin

-       Tips & tricks for reducing bloating

-       What is food combining and how can it help with your digestion? How to food combine properly

-       Morning and nighttime routine for best digestion

-       In depth information on the supplements needed for healing the gut. Notes on how to spot a deficiency, dosing, brands, etc.

-       Lifestyle tips for better digestion

-       Information on the Anti-Fungal diet: What is it? How to know if you need it, what foods to add & avoid on a parasite, candida, fungal cleanse.


If you feel ready to make a change in your health today, but aren't sure if investing in a nutritionist is the best thing for you right now, then this plan would be perfect for you.


I can’t wait to hear about how amazing you feel once you begin your journey!