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Top 5 Flight Approved Snacks From Healthy Planet

When I first planned my travels to move to Kelowna, the first thing that came to mind, was “what healthy snacks am I going to bring on the plane??”. I love snacking but I also know that not being prepared will lead to unnecessary indulgences of foods that only satisfy my cravings in the moment. 

So naturally, I went to Healthy Planet before leaving for my move. Here are some of things that I picked up to make my travels easier on my digestion. 

1.Giddy Yo 100% chocolate. This percentage may not be for everyone, but Giddy Yo offers tons and tons of flavours ranging from 69% to 100%. I personally love the 100% because it completely satisfies my chocolate craving. Since this chocolate bar is free from all unwanted ingredients, it is seriously “guilt free”. 

2.I always travels with tea. I bring a few packets of fennel and dandelion tea with me so that I can sip through it on the plane and ease my digestion. I also find it comforting. 

3.Nud Fud will always hold a special place in my heart (and tummy!). I love the banana and spirulina flavoured crackers! These are great because they are paleo friendly (gluten, dairy, refined sugar free). They really hit the spot when I’m craving something sweet. 

4.Although it’s not necessarily considered a snack, I always take Pur mints and gum on the plane. I get really bad headaches and pressure when the flight is about to land, so I need to be chewing on some gum in order to relieve this tension. I love the Pur gum is artificial sweetener free, and still tastes just like regular gum.

5.Prana Sea Salt Almonds will always be a favourite for me! I love having a higher fat and fibre containing snack as it helps to curb my craving until I get off of the plane and can get in some real food. 

These are just a few examples of snacks that I love to travel with but there are tons of other ones that would be just as great. I always get my snack from Healthy Planet through their online shop. It’s quick, easy and you can save money through my code! Enter in JassHealth on orders over $150 before tax and you will save 10%! 

What are your travel musts?


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