From Passion to Career: My Journey + the Joyous Health Business Program

Hi Friends! Whether you are reading this because you feel lost, want to explore a new passion, or want to start living your passion as a full time job- I hope you find this insightful. Starting your own business is not easy. It’s something that takes a lot of courage and the acceptance to fall, fail and try again. I started my business two and a half years ago when I first started school for holistic nutrition. I’m proud of myself for working so hard and being so dedicated to creating this passion of mine into a real career. However, I would be lying if I said it was easy. I stayed up for hours and hours trying to figure out how to post, when to post, how to read into analytics, how to create a website, what to charge per consultation, what documents to put together for clients. There was a lot of back work that wasn’t so evident through my stories and perfectly curated posts.  Some of the first steps I took were to create an instagram and commit to posting at least 5 times a week. I would take photos of my kombucha, salad, or even the sky. I think that there is something to be said for someone who is consistent with their work. Being able to stay consistent but have quality information will help you organically build a group of friends and a community.  I also started a blog and wrote about 250 words a week, just to hold myself accountable. I found that this really helped me stay focused on what I was learning in school and it also helped me learn how to teach this to others through words and actions. I also worked side by side with a nutritionist in Toronto, Sarah Goldstein, who I admire most. She helped me build a business that I felt confident and seriously passionate about. The little things I learned from her are now staples in my daily practice.  My best advice, is to start before you are ready. I say this to myself almost every day. Start doing the little things that will add up in the future. Do what you can in the present, like working on your social handles and building connections that will last a lifetime. It’s important to remember that human connection will only build us up.  If you’ve been following along with my stories on instagram, you’ll know that I have been talking about The Joyous Health Business Program. Joy was one of the many reasons I decided to take on my passion for holistic nutrition and I have been following her and her growth ever since. Because of this, I am so excited to be partnering up with the Joyous Health Business Program. This sourcefuly  presented program is a 12 week session that is done online to help you create this business you have been envisioning forever. Through the course of the program, Joy and her team have completely perfected the program to make it all you need to find your freedom in your own business. The success stories that I have heard through this site sound a lot like how I started and where I truly wish I was today.  If you are just starting out or having troubles getting your business sorted, this is for you. Here’s what you will get with the program:

  • 12-week program designed from bottom to top on how to create your business and how to become successful with it.

  • 6 modules that are designed to get you on your feet and ready for the real world. 

  • Access to exclusive private community events and lectures 

  • Check in calls with Joy or Walker to make sure that you are all set to go and feel comfortable with your everyday moves

  • Access to 60+ professional videos and complimentary workbooks to help you  learn and grow

  • A network of over 300 graduates to connect with 

  • Once you purchase the program, you will have it forever to look back on!

  • Payment plans are also available for 3 months!

This years session begins September 16th. Be the first in line to save your spot for this Fall 2019 was registration is now open! If you guys have any questions or want to learn more on this program, feel free to take a look here and get get started today! I am so excited for you guys to join us through this! If you guys ever have questions regarding the way I built my business or about the program, please know that you can always send me an email and I would love to chat! -Jass

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