Fermented Turmeric + Ginger: Fall's Best Friend!

With Fall slowly approaching, it's a good idea to start thinking about the ways you are going to prepare you immune system for the colder months.  Since out vegetables are mostly going to go from raw to cooked (steamed, roasted, etc..), we are definitely going to be losing lots of important nutrients.  A product that I have been using for the past few months is Botanica's Fermented Turmeric Ginger. This formula is completely organic, raw and fermented. Although it's been a hot summer, this formula has been a great aid in digestion, inflammation and stress, as well as immune boosting- but thats obvious! Keeping inflammation down as much as possible is so important for healthy immune system. Some inflammation is healthy, but when it gets to be too heavy, we see issues like autoimmune disease, leaky gut, and so much more.  Why Turmeric and Ginger?  Turmeric is well known for its vibrant yellow colour, which is so pigmented that it will stain just about anything. This is a good indicator of how strong this antioxidant really is. Turmerics active ingredient is curcumin. This is where the. great benefits of it being extra anti-inflammatory comes from. Turmeric has been an incredible aid for joint pain and immunity.  Ginger, is a common root that we use when we are feeling under the weather, and there are so many reasons why. Ginger is another incredible antioxidant that is rich in anti-infammatoy properties which will actually enhance digestive function and help to support any irritation or uncomfortableness in that region.  Together, these two work as a powerhouse for all sorts of aliments. Because this formula is fermented, the turmeric and ginger are that much more bioavailable to the body. If you suffer from digestive issues, this will help increase the absorption of each root!  I take 1 shot of this, every morning. If you're a kombucha fan you will love this stuff!  I strongly recommend this product to any of you whole struggle with digestive health, joint pain, poor immunity, poor skin health or even if you just want to give yourself some extra attention this Fall! 

If you have any questions or reviews on this product, feel free to leave a comment below.  Happy almost Fall, friends! 

- Jass


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