10 Tips on Controlling your Weight in School

Updated: May 11

If you're a student heading back to school, and feeling nervous about gaining that extra few pounds from eating out, going out and having more responsibilities- consider implementing a few of these tips:  1. MEAL PREP! I cannot stress enough how important it is to meal prep in order to hit your goals, eat well, and feed your brain. If you meal prep your food for the next day or two, its going to make it a lot easier to say yes to the nutritious food you prepared and already paid for, versus the quick fix pizza. My Meal Prep to Nourish eBook is currently on sale! Check it out under shop.  2. Increase your water intake. With a new routine, it can be difficult to remember things like keeping hydrated. Keep a water bottle on you at all time (I tell my clients to go out, and buy a water bottle you like, so that you want to carry it around-it works). Dehydrate every time you leave the house, and get back to the house too.  3. Keep apple cider vinegar at home. Its one of this things that no body enjoys, but it is the cure to all problems! Not only is it incredible for boosting the immune system, its also a great way to boost your metabolism. Having 1 tsp of apple cider vinegar in the mornings, will start your digestive system going properly. You can even repeat this before every meal, or if you ate way too much! After constructively doing apple cider vinegar for 4 months straight last year, I found that my cravings were totally balanced. Ps, apple cider vinegar is also great as a natural hangover cure! 4. Lemon! Lemons are great because they have a similar concept like ACV. Although they taste acidic, they are extremely alkaline in the body. Adding half a squeezed lemon into your water each day is a super simple, yet effective way to cleanse the entire digestive system. Lemons are probably the cheapest thing we can add into our diet to fully detox the body! 5. Digestive Enzymes! I wrote a blog post on digestive enzymes and their benefits, which you can check out in Nutrition.  6. Don't go grocery shopping hungry!  7. Add fibre, protein and healthy fats into each of your meals and snacks. These three components are crucial for keeping your blood sugar levels regulated.  8. SLEEP! Even though you might be tempted to stay up later to finish an assignment, or wake up super early to hit the gym before class, sleep is much more important. Its better to rest, than to even fit a workout into your morning if you haven't slept enough. Aim for 8 hours of sleep each night, keeping in mind to be asleep by 10-11 pm. 9. Reduce stress! Increased stress throws off our hormones, which causes blood sugar imbalances and extra pounds in the abdomen.  10. Get some exercise in whenever you can. If you aren't necessarily eating the healthiest meals (#studentlife), being able to get some movement in will really impact the way your body handles the food your digesting. Being active keeps our digestive systems working to better us, not against us. I hope these simple tips help you guys out! Hope you all have a great school year! 

- Jass

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