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embody your holistic journey


do you....

  • feel bloated and low energy all the time?

  • feel intimidated when it comes to your health, unsure of what to eat and what not to eat?

  • crave wellness support but can't financially afford a nutritionist?

  • want to be a part of a community with people who have the same passions and experience similar symptoms?

  • want to explore holistic nutrition as a passion or career in the future?


if you’re ready to experience change in your life, and join a strong community of others who are on their journey to their optimal health, then the nourished community is for you. 

become a member of the nourished membership & learn how to to embody your holistic journey

nourished membership is a community of like-minded women who have access to nutritionist-verified recommendations, PDFs and videos on bloat, supplements, candida, parasites, label reading and gut health. You will be given recipes, meal plans, and much more.


This is a service for women who are looking for additional support on their health journey and are looking to be empowered by a community, along with Jass. She will be your go-to nutritionist during your time in the nourished membership. She’ll be teaching you everything there is to know about holistic nutrition as if you were her private nutrition client. 

what’s inside the membership

you'll gain exclusive access to

  • live and on-demand videos

  • a community of likeminded individuals

  • support and accountability

  • supplement recommendations based off of your needs and budget

  • lifestyle recommendations for you to make this new transition attainable


f a q s

What can I expect from joining the Nourished community?

Passion, education and community are the foundations of our nourished membership. We are constantly updating the resources to give you the most in-depth yet digestible information about supplements, label reading, gut health, parasites, candida and so much more. Nourished is your one-stop nutritionist hub - ask us your nutrition-related questions and we'll answer them in a new video every month. Join our group of like-minded women who share your passion for life and holistic health!

When will new content be unlocked?

Each new meal plan and nourished insider will be unlocked at the beginning of every month. An additional video will also be unlocked at the end of the month to answer your health questions from the educational videos. Exclusive videos will be unlocked throughout the month.

What if I have questions about the videos? Will I be able to get support?

YES! This is why I created this membership community. My mission is to make you feel seen, heard and supported. We’ll be answering all of the questions via circle (our community and discussion page) + you’ll be getting an additional video each month to go over the most common FAQs.

Can I cancel at any time?

Although I would for you to stay with us, you can definitely cancel your membership at any time. You will still access to the membership until the end of the month.

Will there be videos in the membership?

YES! Most of the membership content is video-based. I want this experience to be as nurturing and intimate for you - as if we are working 1:1 together. The videos will also have accompanying PDFs to summarize the information.

How do the monthly meal plans work?

Each monthly meal plan will be sent out at the beginning of the month. They will be customized by prioritizing in-season foods, relevant topics in the membership + holidays.

what nourished clients say

My experience with Jass was nothing short of AMAZING! She was super responsive and answered all of my questions before I even purchased the plan, and her turnaround time was impressive. The questionnaire she sends before creating the meal plan is super detailed, which means that you're truly going to get a plan that is customized to you. The recipes are super detailed and include helpful pictures, and everything she gave me was simple enough to make (I made sure to let her know that I wasn't a pro chef!) and included ingredients that weren't super expensive. Now I have a ton of healthy, easy recipes to use anytime! I still use a ton of them, and it definitely helped jump start my healthy eating habits! Thanks Jass!!

- Emily

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