A Mindful Morning Routine to Reduce the Bloat

There are tons of little tasks that we can do throughout the day to disrupt digestion and increase bloat. Starting with a calm and holistic minded morning routine can really help us mitigate some of these encounters. If you have not already, I recommend downloading my 3 Day Meal Plan to Beat the Bloat by signing up for my newsletters on the welcome page!

Here are a few of my tips to increase better digestion: 

No phone as soon as you wake. Checking our texts, emails, socials can all lead to stress. This brings us to a sudden flight or fight mode, which inevitably increases cortisol in the body. This itself can cause our digestion to go downhill the second you get up. 

Start with a warm lemon water before breakfast. This is a great way to boost digestion and lightly cleanse the body before it prepares for the day. 

Add apple cider vinegar into your morning routine before breakfast. 

Have a healthy breakfast. This is where you will need to do some personal searching to see if you are actually hungry or not. If you aren’t, wait it out a little. If you are hungry, start with a simple breakfast like a smoothie, chia pudding or egg scramble. 

Eat without your phone, television or driving. These little things hinder digestion as the body is only capable of fully focusing on one section at a time. Less distraction means better digestion.

Stress less. This is inevitably the most important tip. The more stressed we are, the more digestion will slack. Meditate, workout, call a friend, whatever you need to do to reduce your stress levels will allow more space for digestion to take things slow and controlled. 

I hope these tips help! Let me know what some of your tips are in the comment below!

If you still find that you struggle with bloating, I would love to help! I focus on one-on-one consulting with my clients to help them heal digestion and get rid of the bloat.