A Mindful Morning Routine to Reduce the Bloat

There are tons of little tasks that we can do throughout the day to disrupt digestion and increase bloat. Starting with a calm and holistic minded morning routine can really help us mitigate some of these encounters. If you have not already, I recommend downloading my 3 Day Meal Plan to Beat the Bloat by signing up for my newsletters on the welcome page!

Here are a few of my tips to increase better digestion: 

No phone as soon as you wake. Checking our texts, emails, socials can all lead to stress. This brings us to a sudden flight or fight mode, which inevitably increases cortisol in the body. This itself can cause our digestion to go downhill the second you get up. 

Start with a warm lemon water before breakfast. This is a great way to boost digestion and lightly cleanse the body before it prepares for the day. 

Add apple cider vinegar into your morning routine before breakfast. 

Have a healthy breakfast. This is where you will need to do some personal searching to see if you are actually hungry or not. If you aren’t, wait it out a little. If you are hungry, start with a simple breakfast like a smoothie, chia pudding or egg scramble. 

Eat without your phone, television or driving. These little things hinder digestion as the body is only capable of fully focusing on one section at a time. Less distraction means better digestion.

Stress less. This is inevitably the most important tip. The more stressed we are, the more digestion will slack. Meditate, workout, call a friend, whatever you need to do to reduce your stress levels will allow more space for digestion to take things slow and controlled. 

I hope these tips help! Let me know what some of your tips are in the comment below!

If you still find that you struggle with bloating, I would love to help! I focus on one-on-one consulting with my clients to help them heal digestion and get rid of the bloat.


From Passion to Career: My Journey + the Joyous Health Business Program

Hi Friends!

Whether you are reading this because you feel lost, want to explore a new passion, or want to start living your passion as a full time job- I hope you find this insightful.

Starting your own business is not easy. It’s something that takes a lot of courage and the acceptance to fall, fail and try again. I started my business two and a half years ago when I first started school for holistic nutrition. I’m proud of myself for working so hard and being so dedicated to creating this passion of mine into a real career.

However, I would be lying if I said it was easy. I stayed up for hours and hours trying to figure out how to post, when to post, how to read into analytics, how to create a website, what to charge per consultation, what documents to put together for clients. There was a lot of back work that wasn’t so evident through my stories and perfectly curated posts. 

Some of the first steps I took were to create an instagram and commit to posting at least 5 times a week. I would take photos of my kombucha, salad, or even the sky. I think that there is something to be said for someone who is consistent with their work. Being able to stay consistent but have quality information will help you organically build a group of friends and a community. 

I also started a blog and wrote about 250 words a week, just to hold myself accountable. I found that this really helped me stay focused on what I was learning in school and it also helped me learn how to teach this to others through words and actions.

I also worked side by side with a nutritionist in Toronto, Sarah Goldstein, who I admire most. She helped me build a business that I felt confident and seriously passionate about. The little things I learned from her are now staples in my daily practice. 

My best advice, is to start before you are ready. I say this to myself almost every day. Start doing the little things that will add up in the future. Do what you can in the present, like working on your social handles and building connections that will last a lifetime. It’s important to remember that human connection will only build us up. 

If you’ve been following along with my stories on instagram, you’ll know that I have been talking about The Joyous Health Business Program. Joy was one of the many reasons I decided to take on my passion for holistic nutrition and I have been following her and her growth ever since. Because of this, I am so excited to be partnering up with the Joyous Health Business Program. This sourcefuly  presented program is a 12 week session that is done online to help you create this business you have been envisioning forever. Through the course of the program, Joy and her team have completely perfected the program to make it all you need to find your freedom in your own business. The success stories that I have heard through this site sound a lot like how I started and where I truly wish I was today. 

If you are just starting out or having troubles getting your business sorted, this is for you. Here’s what you will get with the program:

  • 12-week program designed from bottom to top on how to create your business and how to become successful with it.

  • 6 modules that are designed to get you on your feet and ready for the real world. 

  • Access to exclusive private community events and lectures 

  • Check in calls with Joy or Walker to make sure that you are all set to go and feel comfortable with your everyday moves

  • Access to 60+ professional videos and complimentary workbooks to help you  learn and grow

  • A network of over 300 graduates to connect with 

  • Once you purchase the program, you will have it forever to look back on!

  • Payment plans are also available for 3 months!

This years session begins September 16th. Be the first in line to save your spot for this Fall 2019 was registration is now open! If you guys have any questions or want to learn more on this program, feel free to take a look here and get get started today!

I am so excited for you guys to join us through this! If you guys ever have questions regarding the way I built my business or about the program, please know that you can always send me an email and I would love to chat!


Gym Bag Essentials

I love learning about what others keep in their gym bag, so I thought I would share what I have in mine!

  1. This is an obvious one, but water! I like to keep a tight closed cap water bottle in my gym bag. I have had way too many encounters with other bottles spilling all over my things, so I love to go with Swell. 

  2. I keep an extra pair of tights and a sports bra in my bag just in case I spill my coffee all over me (it’s happened way too many times at this point). I also think its important to keep an extra set because I often run out to do errands after the gym. 

  3. Weirdly enough, I also keep two pair of runners in gym bag. I like to wear solid and flat shoes for leg and shoulder days, but I am so obsessed with my APLS. These are the MOST comfortable runners I have ever owned. 

  4. I still use an iPod! I use an iPod Nano because I find that it keeps me off of my phone. I can leave my phone in the car or the locker and don’t need to use it until I’m completely done with my workout. No distractions are the best when working out! I’ve accidentally put this baby through the wash twice, and she’s still going strong. 

  5. Natural deodorant is a must for obvious reasons. Even though I have been using natural deodorant for over two years now, I still need to reapply it, especially after the gym. I love Routine deodorant. I also keep little essentials like organic unbleached tampons, travel size Dr Bronner’s soap and face wipes.

  6. Karma Wellness Water is another new essential. I love having this water in my gym bag because it’s packed with vitamins- perfect for a post workout boost. After a sweaty sesh, I crave something sweet so this is the perfect mix. If you are someone who likes to have a Gaterade after the gym, I highly recommend trying this out instead! Super low in sugar, functional varieties and it has real vitamins in there for you. What’s really cool about this water is that the vitamins are only infused once you push the cap. This makes sure that they are fresh so you don’t need to worry about the vitamins losing their strength. This Kiwi Melon is from their probiotic line which is perfect for post workout as you expose yourself to tons of bacteria at the gym. Shop for Karma through here: www.karmacanada.ca 

  7. Bands! I use resistance bands for every single workout that I do, whether thats upper body, lower body or HIIT. I have found these to be a huge game changer and I feel lost without them. If you re new to the gym, this would be a great way to start. I find that these are incredible for activating my muscles before lifting. 

  8. L-Carnitine from AOR is a supplement that I cycle on and off with. I am currently doing 2 capsules (when I remember) before a workout. This helps to used stored fat as energy without any caffeine. You won’t necessarily feel an energy burst but it does help with burning fat over time and giving you some extra strength. I take this for a month, and then add it back after 3 months. IF you have questions on this one, please ask!

  9. Paleo Ethics Surge is also another staple that I keep in my gym bag. Although I don’t use it for every workout, I seriously love the way it makes me feel. I have used pre workouts in the past, and they have left me unbelievably dizzy after the workout. This one only has 14mg of natural caffeine and tons of superfoods to give you that burst of energy. It gives me amazing control and focus, yet leaves me feeling refreshed.

  10. Hair ties are something that I would like to think I keep in my gym bag, but I always end up forgetting them and then I end up having to workout with my hair down when they snap. This is me reminding myself to put hair ties in my gym bag. 

  11. When I’m rushing out the door, I like to take a snack with me (almonds, pumpkin seeds, protein bar, protein powder, fruit) because I always get uncontrollably hungry after my workout. I also usually run errands after the gym, so this is an essential, otherwise I will spend money on a five dollar bar!

I hope you found this fun to read! Let me know your favourites, I would love to know what you guys love adding to your gym bag!


Natural Remedies to Cure Hangovers

Let’s face it, we all love enjoying a drink or two, (or more) but the next day can easily make us regret it. Whether you are drinking for St Patrick’s day or not, I hope that this list comes in handy at some point! Here are some easy ways you can reduce your chances of getting an undesirable hangover:

1.     Drink water. By that, I mean a lot of water! Water helps to keep the body hydrated, while alcohol dehydrates the body. Water is also going to help eliminate any toxins. Add lemon to your water to aid in liver detoxification to further prevent a hangover!

2.     Reduce the amount of sugar you consume while drinking alcohol. Its not always the alcohol that gives us the bad hangover, but more so the drinks associated with it. Try a vodka water with freshly squeezed lime and lemon. 

3.     Eat healthy! Throughout the day before having some drinks and the day after will be a huge help. You may not be craving healthy food after a night of drinking, but the nutrients provided in those bowls will help you recover faster. Junk food will deepen the burden on the liver, making it work twice as hard, and twice as slow.

4.     Take a shot of apple cider vinegar to help increase the alkalinity in the body as alcohol creates an acidic environment in the body.

5.     Get at least 8 hours of sleep! Bad hangovers are often associated with poor quality sleep.

6.     Get a magnesium supplement. Magnesium gets depleted when we drink alcohol, which can cause us to feel super tired. Take a capsule before drinking, before bed, and throughout the next day if needed.

7.     Sweat. Whether this means working out or going into the sauna, the body needs to expells these toxins.

8. Take a probiotic or eat fermented foods. Alcohol reducing the good and health flora in the body, so by adding that back into the system, you are more likely to recover faster.

I hope these tips help you either reduce the chances of getting a hangover, or overall speed up your recovery!


My Favourite Supplements for Winter From Healthy Planet

I’m a huge advocate for whole foods over supplements. However, I really think that in the winter time, we need to focus on boosting our immune systems, and sometimes we need that extra push from supplements! I love incorporating supplements in my lifestyle to help me reach my health goals and allow my body to replenish itself with an extra boost. I have noticed outstanding results from the four supplements listed below, so I wanted to share them with you all. Here are my top four supplements that I get from Healthy Planet to ensure a well rounded immune system during the winter.

HMF Forte Probiotic: This probiotic is actually made from human strain bacteria so it is in its best form for absorption and immunity nourishment. I recommend leaving this in the fridge and taking one or two capsules with a meal.

St Francis Deep Immune: This has always been a go-to of mine once the weather starts to get colder! Deep immune is an incredible formula of herbs to boost the immune system, which can naturally help keep away colds, boost energy and reduce stress. This is a herbal formula that can be taken daily. But it is important to take breaks from herbs so that your body does not get immune to them!

Natural Factors Zinc Citrate: Zinc is one of the most important minerals for us to take in the winter months. Not only is zinc great for digestion and skin, it can help to increase immunity and even get rid of colds at first sight. I recommend taking zinc on an empty stomach as it can decrease absorption when taken with food. However, if you have a sensitive stomach, I highly recommend taking it with some food as it can cause nausea. Because of this, I take mine right before bed! As a caution, women should not take more than 50mg of zinc per day. Men should keep their zinc intake to 80mg.

Giddy Yoyo Camu Camu Powder: We all know that vitamin C is super important during the winter months, but we want to make sure that it is actually getting absorbed. This is exactly why I am a huge fan of camu camu powder. This berry is filled with tons of nutrients, including vitamin C. In one teaspoon, you will get more vitamin C than 40 oranges! I add camu camu powder into a little bit of water and drink it, or add it to a smoothie. Heads up, it is super sour, but this stuff works wonders! Keep in mind that the body uses vitamin C stores every four hours, so it is very important to take vitamin C with every meal!

The great thing about these supplements is that they last a long time and one bottle will go a long way. Although these can be taken year round, they really help to nourish our bodies during the cold months. It’s also important to note that supplements may not work for you if your digestion isn’t working properly. Adding lots of water, fruits, vegetables and heathy fats in your diet are super important before adding in supplements.

If you are interested in these supplements, you can go on www.healthyplanetcanada.com to learn more and save some money! If you use the code “JassHealth”, during check out, you can save 10%! I’m so grateful to be working for Healthy Planet because they have the best prices around, plus their stores are accompanied with Certified Holistic Nutritionists so you can get some help while you shop. This makes me feel extra confident when sending my clients to get their needs from there. I hope you all find these helpful and wishing you the healthiest winter!

10 Tips on Controlling your Weight in School

If you're a student heading back to school, and feeling nervous about gaining that extra few pounds from eating out, going out and having more responsibilities- consider implementing a few of these tips: 

1. MEAL PREP! I cannot stress enough how important it is to meal prep in order to hit your goals, eat well, and feed your brain. If you meal prep your food for the next day or two, its going to make it a lot easier to say yes to the nutritious food you prepared and already paid for, versus the quick fix pizza. My Meal Prep to Nourish eBook is currently on sale! Check it out under shop. 

2. Increase your water intake. With a new routine, it can be difficult to remember things like keeping hydrated. Keep a water bottle on you at all time (I tell my clients to go out, and buy a water bottle you like, so that you want to carry it around-it works). Dehydrate every time you leave the house, and get back to the house too. 

3. Keep apple cider vinegar at home. Its one of this things that no body enjoys, but it is the cure to all problems! Not only is it incredible for boosting the immune system, its also a great way to boost your metabolism. Having 1 tsp of apple cider vinegar in the mornings, will start your digestive system going properly. You can even repeat this before every meal, or if you ate way too much! After constructively doing apple cider vinegar for 4 months straight last year, I found that my cravings were totally balanced. Ps, apple cider vinegar is also great as a natural hangover cure!

4. Lemon! Lemons are great because they have a similar concept like ACV. Although they taste acidic, they are extremely alkaline in the body. Adding half a squeezed lemon into your water each day is a super simple, yet effective way to cleanse the entire digestive system. Lemons are probably the cheapest thing we can add into our diet to fully detox the body!

5. Digestive Enzymes! I wrote a blog post on digestive enzymes and their benefits, which you can check out in Nutrition. 

6. Don't go grocery shopping hungry! 

7. Add fibre, protein and healthy fats into each of your meals and snacks. These three components are crucial for keeping your blood sugar levels regulated. 

8. SLEEP! Even though you might be tempted to stay up later to finish an assignment, or wake up super early to hit the gym before class, sleep is much more important. Its better to rest, than to even fit a workout into your morning if you haven't slept enough. Aim for 8 hours of sleep each night, keeping in mind to be asleep by 10-11 pm.

9. Reduce stress! Increased stress throws off our hormones, which causes blood sugar imbalances and extra pounds in the abdomen. 

10. Get some exercise in whenever you can. If you aren't necessarily eating the healthiest meals (#studentlife), being able to get some movement in will really impact the way your body handles the food your digesting. Being active keeps our digestive systems working to better us, not against us.

I hope these simple tips help you guys out! Hope you all have a great school year! 

- Jass