Grocery Store Tour


Grocery Store Tour

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Your grocery cart says a lot about you.. Let yours represent the new you.

Have you ever walked into the grocery store and felt completely lost? With all the branding seen today, it can be really difficult to leave the grocery store feeling like you made the best choices.

With a 90-minute tour, lets explore the grocery store together, from the kinds of herbs you should be buying to the types of cereals that are safe to consume. We will go through each section, with your health goals in mind, making sure you leave knowing:

  • What produce you should be buying organic or conventional
  • What animal based products are safe to consume
  • The difference between drug store supplements and natural health products
  • The kinds of ingredients you should be aware of
  • The best grocery stores you should shop at
  • The types of oils and nut butters you should be consuming
  • The best foods to detox the body
  • Top foods for staying on track
  • How to save money while eating holistically
  • Why your beauty products could be causing you to experience health issues

As well, clients will leave with a take home package consisting of: A grocery list, breakdown of sugar in several foods with alternatives and a simple detox meal plan.

Grocery store tours can be done in groups of up to 2 people at $80.00 per session ($40/ person).

Currently open to tri-city, GTA, ON residence*

Grocery Store Tour + Kitchen Cleanse: $150.00